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Croatian olives varieties

Croatian olive varieties

Today in Croatia there are a significant number of domestic varieties of olives recognized in numerous exhibitions and competitions. In terms of the structure of varieties in Croatia has 31 domestic variety of olives and 44 foreign varieties.

Introducing the most famous Croatian varieties:


The most common variety is represented Croatia on the entire coast, which accounts for about 60% of the total olive cultivars.

The tree is moderately vigorous, rounded foliage, branches grow under oblique angle. Gives fruit of exceptional quality, sturdy and suitable for canning.

The oil of this variety is gentle and soft, sweet, perfect for seafood dishes.


The variety of the island of Korcula, where it is mostly grown. The tree is moderately vigorous, round shape, pyramidal crown, upright growth industries. Gives fruit medium large, elongated elliptical.  Oil was originally a little bitter but high quality.


The variety most ancient olive trees that develops very mature tree, upright growth and high trunk. The fruit is small and roundish. Gives spicy oil.


The variety most presented on the island of Solta. It has a mature tree, rounded crown bark of branches is smooth. That's why they call it "beauty" of olive groves. The fruit is medium-large, elliptical elongated and slightly curled upwards. Oil gives sweet taste.


The variety most widely used in the field of island Cres, Krk and Istria Peninsula. The tree is a lavish thin long drooping branches. The fruit is large and elliptical shape.


The most widespread domestic variety in Istria. The tree is large, luxuriant foliage and upright growth. The fruit is medium large and oval. Gives oil expressed sweetness


The most widespread in Istria and Kvarner. The tree is moderately vigorous, dense crown and branches erect, long and hard. The fruits are oval, medium size. It is characterized by regular and abundant yields. Gives Oil moderate bitterness and pungency.


The most famous table grape variety in Croatia. The tree is moderately vigorous with hanging branches and foliage in the form of an umbrella. The fruit is very large and elongated.